A very short intro here.

This is a home for various articles I write.

I said it was short.


Motorhome - Fitting a scooter rack
We have a scooter.  It's a Suzuki Address 110 and weighs 100Kg so should be OK for fitting on a rack on the van. But first some calculations are needed to ensure the van is operated safely...

Two Wheelers - The Honda SH300 - Second ride
Due to a combination of lockdown travel restrictions, wind, rain, cold, and personal circumstances, today was the first time I have managed a decent ride (around 80 miles)...

Coronavirus -Observations on current mortality
My measure of mortality is the number of new deaths this week divided by the number of new cases18 days ago.  It could be defined in lots of ways but this measure is as good as any.
The graph below shows how the mortality has changed...

Electronics - Backups
This is the way I currently make sure my data is secure.
I am recording it here, partly as it may be of some interest to others, and partly so I can remember how I do it.

Videos - Youtube
This is the almost universal way of showing videos on line so I decided to go with it.

Articles - Open Mic Etiquette
Not be a minute. I'll just tune up. Can I have the music stand please. It's a bit low for me, can you raise it please? Now what will I sing?


Two Wheelers


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Suzuki Address

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